March 25, 2019  





Do you think it is important to know if your clients and prospects are fully satisfied with their current HR, Benefits and Payroll technology?

You can find this out and more by participating in the National HR, Benefits and Payroll Technology Services Survey.


New competitors and refortified brokerage firms are targeting employers with HR/Benefits technology offers. Many of your clients are struggling with the administration of Payroll, HR & Benefits. Never before has it been so important to know which vendors are rated the best and if your clients are thinking of looking for new technology solutions to solve their administrative burden. Act now before your competitors do. Work with an expert in HR & Benefits technology to find out this critical information.

Why Participate NOW in the HR, Benefits, Payroll technology Survey?

  • Competitors are likely targeting some of your clients
  • Some of your prospects and clients are likely interested in changing their HR/Benefits technology today
  • A door opener may exist with many prospects but you need more information
  • Strengthen client relationships by proactively helping those who want and need help
  • The survey runs only from August 22nd through November 4th

What do you get when you opt to participate in this National Survey?

  • A branded email invitation  - View Sample
  • A branded, personalized survey link  - View Sample
  • Immediate access to your clients and prospects responses to this extensive survey  - View Sample
  • A branded National Report with data and analysis – ready to share with your clients and prospects  - View Sample



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